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Although cars and motorcycles are a lot less important now than when I was in my twenties, there is still a great feeling to be had driving down a winding road in a sports car with the top down. I have always had a sports car, even when we also had family cars over the years. My "guy" cars were: a 1976 Triumph TR6, a 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider and my current 1994 Corvette.


I drove a motorcycle in my junior and senior years of college and in the early eighties in California. I met my wife, Mary Lou in a motorcycle parking lot. She drove a motorcycle at the time as well, which made her an excellent passenger when we rode together. The first picture below shows my two California bikes, my Honda CB900 and my red Honda 400. The second picture below shows my first motorcycle from my college days, a Honda CL175. The third picture below shows Mary Lou's bike, a Yamaha 360.


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