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A wild bitch...

Ralph was a short haired female Saint Bernard born in an apartment in Hollywood. 165 pounds of dog mayhem. Why Ralph for a female? Remember the carpenter on the 60s TV show Green Acres? Ralph had personality in spades. She grabbed towels from the bathroom rack or a sock from the clothes hamper when she felt ignored.


She actually ate the whole end of our couch once when she was bored. She once grabbed a chocolate cake Mary Lou had baked for her boss' birthday off the kitchen table. She lived hard and died young, at 7, after stealing submarine sandwiches at a party caused a fatal stomach problem. She had 12 pups (breeding her was a whole story unto itself) and her legacy lived on with us for over a decade though with her son, Bogart (third picture above, executing a surprise attack).

Up Ralph Bogart Rufus

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