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[New!]Lots of additions to the Winery page 1/4/18
From a bunch of work completed inside and out over the past year
[New!]Added a Los Cabos, Mexico page 12/12/16
From another "sanity vacation" focused on relaxing in a tropical climate
[New!]Added a second New York City travel page 8/7/16
From a long weekend sightseeing and nephew's wedding trip with Ben and Danielle
[New!]Added a new page in House & Family on the "Winery" 8/4/16
Our new vacation home in Santa Barbara wine country
[New!]Added four new travel pages from South Africa and Dubai 10/25/15
A decade birthday extravaganza to Dubai, Kruger National Park and Cape Town
[New!]Updated the Wine Tasting and Labels page 7/12/15
A brief but informative article on reading wine labels
[New!]Updated the Wine page 2/1/15
Minor updates plus a beginner's guide to "Wine tasting in California" and  "How to enjoy wine"
[New!]Added two Chile travel pages: Sights & Wines 1/7/15
From a mid-December journey of discovery to Santiago, Valparaiso & 4 surrounding wine regions
[New!]Added a Kauai page 11/6/14
From a solo return visit to aloha land
[New!]Added a fourth Puerto Rico page 10/21/14
From two summer getaway trips along Puerto Rico's central and western coasts
[New!]Added a fourth Aruba page 6/6/14
From yet another southern Caribbean "sanity vacation" focused on reading and relaxing
[New!]Added a Panama travel page 12/14/13
A busted business trip to New Jersey morphed into a Central America adventure
[New!]Added a Poland travel page 10/25/13
A business trip extended into sightseeing through Krakow and Warsaw
[New!]Added a Big Island Hawaii travel page 10/14/13
From a father-son UCLA graduation celebration trip with Craig
[New!]Added a third Aruba travel page 8/2/13
From a southern Caribbean "sanity vacation" focused on reading and photography
[New!]Added "eXs" compilation to the Music page 4/22/13
A compilation of moods
[New!]Added a Maui & Kauai travel page 1/12/13
Wayne & Craig's pre-Christmas trek around, above and across two Hawaiian islands
[New!]Added a third Costa Rica travel page 1/3/13
Wayne & Ben's 26th birthday adventure through rainforests, zip lines and hot springs
[New!]Added Benelux travel page 6/5/12
A business trip extended to a vacation through Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg
[New!]Added "passed reflections" compilation to the Music page 4/27/12
An eclectic collection of alternative rockers & ballads
[New!]Added Dusseldorf & Kempen travel page 4/11/12
An extended business trip to Germany's northern Rhineland
[New!]Added Paris & Burgundy travel page 4/11/12
A return to the city of lights and my first trek through French wine country, along with a "Burgundy basics" info page
[New!]Added Peru travel page 8/15/11
A week's trek through the Andes: Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco & Lima
[New!]Added Egypt travel page 12/22/10
A December trip into ancient history in Cairo and Luxor
[New!]Added five Central Europe by rail travel pages 11/1/10
From Craig & Wayne's 2 week trek through the Rhineland, Berlin, the Czech Republic and Bavaria
[New!]Added a new Photography page 7/5/10
A bit of what I've learned about taking my best shot
[New!]Added a second Key West travel page 1/18/10
A 25th anniversary get-away trip for Mary Lou & Wayne
[New!]Added four Italy & Zurich travel pages 8/26/09
From Craig and Wayne's summer trek through Rome, Tuscany, Pompeii & the Amalfi coast and Zurich, Switzerland
[New!]Update to the Dogs page 8/26/09
Pictures of our new rescued "gentle giants" - Charlie and Leo
[New!]Added an architecture multimedia postcard to the Art page 8/26/09
Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright creations in Oak Park, IL & Spring Green, WI
[New!]Added "heartprints" compilation to the Music page 5/20/09
A CD of mostly alternative rockers
[New!]Added a second Aruba page 5/6/09
From a southern Caribbean "sanity vacation" focused on honing my photography skills
[New!]Added two South America pages: Rio & Iguaçu Falls 3/1/09
My first trip to South America including Brazil and Argentina
[New!]Added a third Puerto Rico page 12/27/08
From a December Caribbean jaunt with Craig including Old San Juan, Vieques island, Poncé and el Yunque tropical rainforest
[New!]Added a second Puerto Rico page 10/11/08
From a Labor Day weekend Puerto Rico jaunt with Ben including a remarkable swim in a bioluminescent bay on Vieques island
[New!]Added a second Hawaii travel page 5/3/08
From two trips: winter break with Mary Lou and Craig to the Big Island & spring break with Ben to Oahu
[New!]Update to the Publications page 1/22/08
"Heads-Up Design: Connecting Design Decisions Directly to the Bottom Line" article added to the business section
[New!]Updated Best New Music on Listen page 1/7/08
Five new songs added from Paramore, Amy Winehouse, The Subways, Arcade Fire & Shiny Toy Guns
[New!]Added Puerto Rico travel page 1/1/08
A December sanity vacation to the beach and a US rainforest
[New!]Added a second Australia & New Zealand trip 1/1/08
A Thanksgiving week trip with Craig to Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Auckland
[New!]Added CD compilation to the Music page 9/22/07
A spot to hear my latest incarnation of music shared with friends
[New!]Added Jamaica travel page 8/30/07
From a quick reggae sanity vacation to Rastafarian land
[New!]Added Cancun travel page 5/24/07
A Cinco de Mayo weekend sanity vacation to the Mayan Yucatan
[New!]Added a second Greece travel section 12/22/06
From a Thanksgiving week trip with Craig to Athens, Delphi & Crete
[New!]Added Key West travel page 12/19/06
From a road trip across the Everglades then south to Key West
[New!]Added two book intros to the Publications page 10/3/06
From one upcoming and one just-released book
[New!]Added a second Costa Rica travel page 4/22/06
Rainforests, hot springs & volcanoes on a spring break trip with Craig
[New!]Added Saint Kitts travel page 2/20/06
From a winter sanity vacation to the eastern Caribbean
[New!]Added San Francisco travel page 1/1/06
From a pre-Christmas road trip with Ben
[New!]Added Grand Canyon travel page 11/28/05
From a day's trek on Bright Angel Trail
[New!]Added Great Wall, Beijing & Xian travel pages 10/3/05
From a 50th birthday trek to China
[New!]Added Curaçao travel page 3/1/05
From a business and sanity trip to the Virgin Islands and Curaçao
[New!]Added New York City travel page 12/27/04
From another pre-Christmas Ben & Wayne trip
[New!]Added Aruba travel page 10/28/04
From a short, beachy October sanity vacation
[New!]Added kitchen remodel pictures 9/22/04
A budget minded upgrade to our kitchen & dining room
[New!]Added Costa Rica travel page 7/27/04
Eco-tourism from a short July sanity vacation
[New!]Added "Making Innovation Count" article 3/19/04
[New!]Added Ca. wildfire pics to Cabin page 1/1/04
[New!]Added Virgin Islands travel page 12/20/03
From a December sanity vacation to St. Thomas and St. John
[New!]Added Spain travel pages 9/6/03
From an August trek by Ben and Wayne to Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Cordoba and Seville.
[New!]Updated and reorganized Art page  9/3/03
Added new art from Spain - all the El Greco and de Goya you can shake a paintbrush at
[New!]Added wine "Hot List"  6/29/03
A short list of my favorite wines between $10 and $20 per bottle
[New!]Maintenance upgrades  6/12/03
Updated Music Listen page with new songs, eliminated Thank You Notes, Wedding, Mackey Group, My Songs pages.
[New!]Updated Wine page  2/10/03
New thoughts, pictures from a Napa / Sonoma tasting & touring trip.
[New!]Added Greece trip 1/20/03
Four new pages from a genuinely mystical trip - rich with history, culture and art.
[New!]Added Orlando trip 12/26/02
Family pre-Christmas vacation to visit the mouse in all his tackiness.
[New!]Added Frankfurt trip 12/11/02
Sanity vacation - three days at the northern end of Germany's Romantic Road, including Frankfurt and Rothenburg.
[New!]Updated music database 12/4/02
Added a lot more streaming music, mostly on the listen page. Upgraded the "virtual music room". Maintenance upgrades throughout the site.
[New!]Added Cologne & the Rhine trip 10/2/02
Cologne, Aachen, Düsseldorf, and a "castle" cruise on the Rhine from Koblenz to Bacharach. Also a resulting Art update. Replaced Flash animations on Home page, Europe and North America.
[New!]Added Scotland & Philadelphia trips 9/6/02
Glasgow, Edinburgh and Loch Ness in Scotland and Philadelphia movie locations from "Rocky" and M Night Shyamalan's movies "Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable". Also a resulting Art update
[New!]Added 45M of streaming music & video 8/6/02
Large update to the Music sections, especially Listen, at near CD quality. Created the "virtual music room" in Music Room with two hours of the site's music. Added background music on Play, Music, House & Family and Dogs
[New!]Added Business - Publications page 7/30/02
Home of a recent printed article or presentation
First up - Metrics article from InKNOWvations 7/02
[New!]Updated Cabin page 7/28/02
Before and after the new deck pictures
[New!]Updated Travel tips page 7/25/02
Added "get a GPS" section
[New!]Added custom favorites icon 7/5/02
Inserted "add to favorites" to home page border
[New!]Added map to WW2 page 6/27/02
Based on interest from visitors
[New!]Augmented Music - Play page 6/19/02
Based on some music questions from visitors
[New!]Site search engine operational 6/12/02
First hundred hits in just over two days
[New!]Invitations to the site 6/9/02
Unlocked the site, first exposure to public internet
[New!]Initial upload & keyed live testing 6/1/02
Reviews, sanity check and incorporate inputs

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